Announcement: 'In the Shadow of the Block' with Michael Joseph

I am thrilled to announce that I have signed with Michael Joseph, a Penguin imprint, to publish a book on on the extraordinary rise and fall of one of Tudor England’s most notorious families: the Dudleys.

In the Shadow of the Block will be a gripping and significant look at some of the period’s most talented, intelligent and cunning individuals – the story of England’s Borgias. I’ve had this idea simmering away for the past few years, and I’m very excited to work with Michael Joseph in bringing the members of this fascinating family to life. It’s a wonderful story – full of personal and political intrigue – and all the more interesting because it’s entirely true. With every generation, members of the Dudley family came tantalizingly close to the throne, but ended up on the executioner’s block. I’ll be using letters and other archival material to reveal this perspective on the Tudors that has yet to be explored.

From my editor, Jillian Taylor: ‘Joanne has a remarkable talent for revealing both the humanity and ruthless ambition behind some of history’s most iconic figures. From the reign of the first Tudor through to the accession of the Stuarts, this promises to be a fascinating look at the Dudley family’s towering heights, as well as its tragic and devastating lows. We are thrilled that Joanne, one of Britain’s brightest young historians, has made Michael Joseph her publishing home.'

In the Shadow of the Block will publish in early 2020.

You can read more about this announcement at The Bookseller and Book Brunch.

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