Curriculum Vitae

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Current Post


Lecturer in the History of Ideas,

New College of the Humanities, London, UK

Courses Taught: Modern Political Thought, Modern Political Ideas; Blasphemy, Irreligion and the English Enlightenment, 1620-1720, International Political Thoery.





School of History, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Thesis: ‘Counsel and Command in Anglophone Political Thought, 1485-1651

Supervisor: Quentin Skinner

Examiners: Angus Gowland (internal), Stephen Alford (external)




Political Science, University of Victoria, BC, Canada

Thesis: ‘Agency at the Crossroads of the 16th Century: Governance and the State in Humanist and Contemporary Political Thought

Supervisor: James Tully





(forthcoming, 2016). Thomas More, Cambridge: Polity.


Edited Volumes

with Helen Graham-Matheson (forthcoming, 2017). Queenship and Counsel in the Early Modern World. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 


et al. (2012). Governing Diversities: Democracy, Diversity and Human Nature, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.


Journal Articles

(November 2015). 'Counsel, Command and Crisis', Hobbes Studies.


(May 2015). ‘The Best Counsellors are the Dead: Counsel and Shakespeare’s Hamlet’, Renaissance Studies


(March 2014). ‘The Use of Kairos in Renaissance Political Philosophy’ Renaissance Quarterly 67.1, pp. 43-78.


Co-authored with Kurosh Meshkat. (November 2013). ‘Johnson’s Relations: Visions of Global Order, 1601-1630’ Journal of Intellectual History and Political Thought 2.1, pp. 108-40.


Book Chapters

(forthcoming 2016). ‘Sovereign Council or Counselled Sovereign: The Marian Conciliar Compromise’ in The Birth of a Queen: Essays on the Quincentenary of Queen Mary I, eds. Sarah Duncan and Valerie Schutte, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.


(2015). ‘Serving the Public by Advising the Ruler’ in The European Public Servant: A Shared Administrative Identity?, eds. Fritz Sager and Patrick Overeem: ECPR Press.


(2012). ‘Monitory Democracy and Humanist Counsel: Politics under “The Watchful Eye of a Public of Spectators”’ in Governing Diversities: Democracy, Diversity and Human Nature, eds. Joanne Paul, et al, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.


Awards and Grants


Small Prize Bursary, 

London Renaissance Seminar.



Sir John Neale Prize in Tudor History,

Institute of Historical Research.



Research Studentship,

Queen Mary, University of London.



Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal nomination,

University of Victoria.