Circa regna tonat....


There has been a great deal written about kings and queens, about their sovereign power and state-splitting scandals. Less so about those who surround the throne, who may have in fact held more power than those who wore the crown...


My research investigates the theories and practices of counsel and advice-giving in the Tudor and Early Stuart period, examining the work of thinkers such as Thomas More, Machiavelli and Hobbes, as well as the portrayal of counsel in Shakespeare, pamplets and images. 


You can find my PhD (2013) on the topic here, which I am revising for publication with Cambridge University Press. I am also currently working on a paper on counsel in the reign of Mary I, and a volume entitled Queenship and Counsel, which investigates the dynamics of counsel in regards to female consorts, regents and rulers in the early modern period. An article on counsel in Hobbes has been published with Hobbes Studies.

I also contributed a chapter on the topic to a volume entitled The European Public Servant: A Shared Administrative Identity?, published with ECPR Press in April 2015 (read extracts from my article here), and a volume that I co-edited entitled Governing Diversities: Democracy, Diversity and Human Nature (2012).


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